PCIe 3.0

The Innosilicon PCIE3.0 PHY is a highly programmable module that processes high-speed serial data to parallel data compatible with the PHY Interface for PCIE3.0 Super-Speed standard from Intel. The PHY supports PCIE3.0(8Gb/s/5Gb/s/2.5Gb/s) physical layer specifications.

The PHY module includes a top level wrapper integrating both the Physical Media Attachment (PMA) layer, and the Physical Coding Sub-Block (PCS) layer.


  • Standard PHY interface enables multiple IP sources for PCI
  • Express Logical Layer and provides a target interface for PCI
  • Express PHY vendors.
  • Supports 2.5Gb/s only or 2.5Gb/s,5.0Gb/s and 8.0Gb/s serial data transmission rate
  • Utilizes 8-bit, 16-bit or 32- bit parallel interface to transmit and receive PCI Express data
  • Allows integration of high speed components into a single func tional block as seen by the endpoint device designer.
  • Data and clock recovery from serial stream on the PCI Express bus
  • Holding registers to stage transmit and receive data
  • Supports direct disparity control for use in transmitting compliance pattern
  • 8b/10b encode/decode and error indication
  • 128b/130b encode/decode and error indication
  • Receiver detection
  • Beacon transmission and reception
  • Selectable Tx Margining, Tx De-emphasis and signal swing values
  • Receive Equalization training


  • As with all Innosilicon IP, the focus is on silicon proven, fully certified solutions providing
  • Small size
  • Low power
  • High ATE coverage
  • Simple integration
  • Flexible customization



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