Video By One Tx and Rx PHY & Controller

Innosilicon VBO TX/RX IP is designed for video data transmission from a video source device to a display device. With up to 8-lane configuration and data rate up to 4Gbps per lane, Innosilicon VBO TX/RX IP supports video format up to 2160P/60Hz. Innosilicon VBO TX/RX IP offers reliable solution for VBO interface, which can be integrated in the SOC used in multimedia device.


  • Silicon proven in SMIC, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and TSMC
  • Compliant with V-by-One HS Standard Version 1.4
  • Support 1/2/4/8-lane configuration
  • Support 3/4/5-byte mode
  • Support data rate up to 4Gbps per lane
  • Pixel clock frequency from 20MHz to 600MHz
  • Programmable termination, output swing and pre-emphasis for transmitter
  • Programmable termination, equalizer gain and CDR loop dynamics for receiver
  • Support digital logic including packer, scrambler and encoder for transmitter
  • Support digital logic including unpacker, descrambler and decoder for receiver
  • Support CDR and ALN training
  • Support SSC modulation
  • Support BIST logic
  • APB slave interface for internal register access
  • Built-in low jitter PLL and bandgap reference


  • Low power consumption
  • Fully customizable
  • Small area
  • Simple integration process
  • Available options include
    • lTest chips and test boards
    • lFPGA integration support
    • lChip level integration support



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