MIPI DSI Tx and Rx

The INNOSILICON MIPI D-PHY is V1.2 spec compliant and can combine either a high-speed transmitter or receiver with a low speed transceiver to support ULP, LP and HS operation. The D-PHY uses the standard PPI digital interface to simplify controller integration and supports CSI, DSI and UniPro MIPI protocols. An optional CSI controller is available.

The architecture is customizable and support s 1 to 4 lanes for increased throughput. Some of the more common customizations we have provided in the past include:

●2 lanes bi-directional

●Interfaces that are selectable between D-PHY, LVDS, sLVDS, HiSPi and TTL

●Non-standard bus widths

Designed with ease of integration in mind. The PHY is small, low power and contains all I/Os along with primary and secondary ESD.

Efficient production testing is assured through built in BIST, loop back and Boundary scan support.


  • Silicon proven in 14, 28, 40, 55, 65, 90 and 130nm from SMIC, TSMC and Global Foundries
  • Compliant with MIPI V1.2 standard
  • Receiver additionally supports LVDS and HiSPI
  • Integrated PPI supports CSI, DSI and UniPro MIPI protocols
  • HS, LP and ULPS modes
  • Uni-directional and bi-directional implementations are both supported
  • 2.5 GHz data transfer rate per lane
  • Single lane current consumption <3mA per lane for both HS Transmit and Receive
  • Automatic termination impedance control
  • Advanced Rx equalization
  • Embedded primary and secondary ESD
  • Production test supported with BIST, loop back and boundary scan
  • Provided deliverables support all major EDA tools and contain a detailed integration guide
  • Optional CSI controller is available
  • Support auto-calibration/deskew


  • Low power consumption
  • Fully customizable
  • Small area
  • All in one solution
  • Simple integration process
  • Available options include
  • Test chips and test boards
  • FPGA integration support
  • Chip level integration



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