INNO-188 is a high performance, low cost, 5MP HD 3rd image processing chip for CMOS image sensors. This ISP solution combines industry leading Low-Luminance processing technology with wide dynamic range and user defined OSD. Complete with built-in IR-CUT ADC and LDO, the INNO-188 accepts MIPI, serial-LVDS, and parallel sensor inputs and output signals up to digital HD-1080P and analog HD-720P. It’s a perfect companion for vehicle-mount, home security, video call, and many other applications. Let us be part of your success!


    3rd Generation Image Signal Processing
  • Supports 1080P/720P HD
  • Industry leading Low-Light technology
  • Leading 3D Noise Reduction (Temporal & Spatial)
  • Leading Wide Dynamic Range Technology
  • Supports CMOS sensors up to 5M pixels
  • User Defined OSD
  •   Alpha blending, multi-zone?shielding
    High Integration & Lowest BOM Cost
  • No external memory
  • Embedded IR-CUT ADC (Optional)
  • Integrated Power Management LDO (Optional)
  • Internal Power On Reset circuit
  • CIS Support
  • Input Pixel Rate up to 125MHz
  • Supports [email protected] input
  • Data width up to 12-bits
  • Accepts embedded code or external sync
  • Clock and sync polarity programmable
  • Supports RGB Bayer Pattern
  • HD Digital Output Drivers
  • Analog AHD/HD-CVI/960H/CVBS
  •   1080P/[email protected] / [email protected]
  • Digital HD-SDI [email protected] / [email protected]




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